What I Eat in a Day Vegan and Gluten Free with Recipes Summer 2018

Hi, I’m Sasha Wichita. Today I’m going to
show you what I eat in a day. I eat vegan and gluten-free when I can. For breakfast, I have my usual protein
smoothie. It’s made with protein powder, greens,
berries, and nut butter. So for lunch I have these really tasty corn cakes.
I like the recipe so much that I make it fairly often and I doubled it so I can
have it throughout the week. If you want to go lower carb you can also
sub cauliflower rice for the quinoa, but I like the quinoa because of
the flavor and the extra protein. When I’m home, I like to reheat the corn cakes in the oven because it makes them extra crispy and delicious. Now I’m just gonna have a bit of this for dessert, probably one or two squares. For a snack, I was filming a video so we got a gluten-free brownie sundae from Vice Creme in Austin. This is a little more indulgent
than I usually do. I often have a protein bar, oatmeal, a green smoothie or
something else. For dinner I’m going to make a white bean and sweet potato stew. It’s good. Every day is a little different, but I
try to start with a smoothie, then I have either a morning or afternoon snack and
then I do a lunch and dinner. I have a few recipes I enjoy that are pretty
healthy and I just rotate between those. if you enjoyed this video please remember to like and subscribe because it really helps. Have a great day.

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