What If You Only Used Thanksgiving Food To Stop a Fire?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Hey guys, dinner is ready! It’s um, it’s all pizza bagels. Everything else was burned! Thanksgiving is typically filled with friends,
family, food, and football. But, during whatever festivities you take
part in, it’s important to remember that it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the
year. In addition to the high number of alcohol-related
traffic accidents, according to the National Fire Protection Association, there are more
home cooking fires on Thanksgiving than any other day. So you may way to rethink the turkey fryer. While your first instinct should be to call
9-1-1, if a fire does break out in your kitchen on Thanksgiving Day and you don’t have access
to water or a fire extinguisher, could you use any of that food to fight it? Please, do not try this for yourself, seriously,
but out of all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods, gravy may be your best chance at putting
out a fire due to its high water content. It’s about 90 percent water and only around
5 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent proteins, and 2 percent lipids, or fat. On the other hand, cranberry sauce may be
a less than ideal choice. That’s because it’s only around 60 percent
water, with carbohydrates, primarily sugar, making up the remaining 40 percent. And these carbs can affect how the water behaves. One of the main ways that water is used to
put out fires is through heat absorption. As the water heats up and turns into steam,
it absorbs heat from the burning material.,, Sugar and other dissolved chemicals increase
the number of particles in water, causing it to boil at a slightly higher temperature
than the normal 100 degrees Celsius.,, Theoretically, this could allow the water to absorb more
heat. However, the increase is pretty minimal and
nowhere near the temperature of fire, which is at least 525 degrees Celsius. Regardless, once the water is evaporated from
the cranberry sauce, all that will be left are carbohydrates. And this could be extremely dangerous since
carbohydrate particles are flammable and can even be explosive. We should note that water can be used only
for fires of ordinary, solid combustibles like wood and fabric. It should never be used on cooking oil and
grease fires as it will make things way worse. What are we supposed to do with this? There’s so much of it! Those big tanker engines can hold 3,785 liters
of water,, which is equal to 3,785 kilograms. Since water and gravy weigh roughly the same,
that’s around 3,785 kilograms of gravy! Can you imagine the amount of turkey you could
cover with all that? Speaking of turkey, as you’re preparing your
meal, you should take the right steps to stay safe. You should keep a fire extinguisher in the
kitchen, and not rely on gravy, store anything flammable away from the stove, keep kids – or
accident prone adults – away from anything hot or dangerous, and make sure your smoke
alarms are working properly, and again, don’t rely on gravy. The main cause of Thanksgiving Day fires is
unattended cooking, so make sure you stay close to the food! So what’s your favorite holiday dish that
you could eat all the time? Let me know in the comment section below,
or tell me, what should i talk about next? Curious to know what would happen if never
stopped eating? Check out this video! one recent study found significant relationship
between added sugar consumption and an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease
when observing participants for over 14 years. as always my name is blocko, this has been
life noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

  1. xXMatunafishXx

    An American man complaining about fires: Oml they’re soo bad Oml Oml Oml Oml
    Me an Australian: The area around where I live had a Bushfire danger rating of Catastrophic, shut up and stop complaining

  2. BrookLynGaming HQ

    Hi Life noggin I love your videos andI actually gave a shout out to you and one of my videos because in my weird intro that I did I had a somewhat good picture of you that I drew and I started was ranting about your channel for a good 2 to 3 minutes

  3. Raahgeer Vlogs

    Please make a video on how to skip you birthday because i think if we have a private plane we can skip a day by traveling around the world

  4. TheFooxy Foox


    Why is there such thing as disease? Is it because of our ancestors since they were had no access to water? Is it because of polloution? I'm just wondering

  5. Evan Shamblin

    You know this year is going to be the hardest for me and my family my dad has so much bills so this Christmas is going to be ruf I hope you don't have to go through this

  6. TheParasiteDk

    2:20 "Water should not be used on cooking oil and grease fires as it will make things way worse".
    my small change: "Water should not be used on cooking oil and grease fires as it will explode".

  7. Jax Shep

    #DearBlocko #ridiculous

    What if you get hit by a baseball (or other sports balls)
    at speeds from 60mph to 120mph (never achieved in the MLB by pitchers)

    Other suggestions I won’t get into:

    What if your vehicle got frozen in ice (actually happened in New York state)

    What would happen if you were in 15-300 mph winds for 30 days straight

    What would happen if a ~6.2 mi (10 km) meteor hit the earth (similar to the event that annihilated the dinosaurs)


  8. amit fernandes

    #dearblocko what would happen if we find a way to reduce all the carbon dioxide emitted and carbon dioxide levels fall to the pre industrial levels ?

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