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this week we are doing four new recipes they are easy keto instant pot recipes so
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making this awesome low-carb Italian sausage soup I will link the recipe that
this was inspired by down below so as always I change up the ingredients quite
a bit so to start with I’m taking a pound of Italian sausage and on the
saute function on the instant pot I’m just gonna brown that and break it apart
once I have that nice and browned I’m adding in two stalks of celery and a
medium onion that are chopped really fine
just did them in my mini processor then I’m gonna just cook those on the saute
function until they soften a little I’m gonna add in a can of tomato sauce this
is no sugar added make sure you read the labels because they try to slip it in on
you then I’m gonna add in a teaspoon of minced garlic to that and 32 ounces of
beef broth this is the full sodium one so I’m not going to add additional salt
after I get that in there and mixed in I’m gonna add my seasoning combo which
is gonna be a teaspoon of basil 1/4 teaspoon oregano 1/4 teaspoon red pepper
flakes and 1/4 a teaspoon black pepper once I have that all mixed up I’m gonna
seal my instant pot up and go ahead and put it on the meat stew setting and I’m
gonna cook it for 30 minutes here it is all done and plated up this was spicy
a little spicier than I anticipated but super duper good hearty and filling next
up we have this awesome instant pot white chicken chili this is so delicious just
the right amount of spice topped it with a little cheese so to start with on the
saute function again on the instant pot I am putting in a tablespoon of butter
melting it and I’m gonna add a medium onion diced up
and just saute that together until the onion gets semi translucent to that I’m
adding in a pound of diced chicken I’m just using like thin chicken fillets
that I chopped up and I’m gonna continue to sear those on the saute function
until they get mostly cooked through before adding some green chilies I’ve
just used 3 four ounce cans of green chilies drained the juice popped those in
there and then my seasoning mix I did a teaspoon just shy of a teaspoon salt 2
teaspoons cumin 2 teaspoons of oregano and a teaspoon of black pepper
mix that all up together and then I’m adding in four cups of chicken broth I
did use the low-sodium chicken broth for this which is why I added the salt and
about a pound of cauliflower and I did this in the reverse order of what I’m
telling you but you get the drift once you have all of that in there you just
combine it all together really well and seal up your instant pot I cooked this on
high pressure for 30 minutes and then I did a natural release on it once that part was done I added two cups
of sour cream and a cup of heavy whipping cream and I just whisked that
in to the chili and then I served it up immediately after that and topped it
with some Mexican thick-cut cheese oh my goodness this was so good and perfect
for the little cold snap that we’re just now getting next up we have these yummy
yummy yummy steak fajitas of course this was my favorite meal of the week so to
start with we’re gonna make the actual tortillas if you’ve been watching my
channel you’ve probably seen me make these before but I’m gonna just blend
together beat together two eggs and two egg whites till they’re fluffy add six
ounces of cream cheese to that mix and beat it until it’s nice and creamy and
then I’m gonna add my dry mix of a half a teaspoon salt one and a half teaspoons
of psyllium husk powder and a tablespoon of coconut flour and beat that until it
gets almost like pancake batter and after I get done mixing it I’m actually
gonna let it sit for about ten minutes so the psyllium husk can do its job and
thicken it up I’m gonna preheat my oven to 400 and then I just took a cookie
sheet and lined it with parchment and I’m just gonna pour that out on it and
smooth it into a thin rectangular layer and then I’m just gonna pop this in the
oven for 10 minutes until it gets a little brown on the edges for the actual
fajitas I’m taking a pound of round steak I just sliced it against the grain
into thin strips I went ahead and seasoned it with the usual suspects for
taco seasoning cumin oregano chili powder garlic powder onion powder salt
pepper paprika topping it with a half a cup of chicken broth I would have used
beef but I’m all out from earlier in the week and for this recipe I’m just gonna
use a frozen bag of onions and peppers red and green and pop it in there high
pressure for five minutes and meanwhile take these out of the oven and I’ll just
slice these into six sections once my steak mixture is done I’m just
topping it with a little lime juice I’m cheating and using the pre-bought kind
and stirring it up here they go all plated up top them with a little bit of
sour cream and some taco sauce you could add whatever toppings you like
these were SuperDuper yummy and my favorite last up for the week we made a
gumbo inspired dish and by gumbo inspired it is full of andouille sausage
and tomatoes you are going to want to watch your portion sizes with this one
because it does have the peppers onions and tomatoes so to start with on the
saute function I’m doing avocado oil about a tablespoon and then I’m adding a pound
of again chopped chicken breasts to that and I’m going to put that on the saute
function until it gets mostly done all the way through before adding in a pound
of Cajun andouille sausage this is a pork andouille sausage it was already fully
cooked so that’s why I did the chicken first just want to get a nice sear on it
after that I’m going to remove the meat and just put it into a bowl to the side
for now and then go ahead and add my veggies
back to the instant pot so for this I did a medium onion and two stalks of
celery chopped saute those a little before adding three green bell peppers
they are really finely chopped because I really overdid it with my mini processor
but I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to hand chop all of these veggies you
know what I’m saying so once I add the pepper I’m going to
just continue cooking those until they get a little tender and then I’m going
to add three teaspoons of minced garlic and then I’m adding some Tomatoes I just
used three fourteen and a half ounce cans of diced tomatoes and with no sugar
added of course and I just drained the juice from those and I’m letting it get
to a simmer before adding back in my meat my chicken and my sausage and my
seasoning mix which is a teaspoon of salt a teaspoon of thyme 1/2 a teaspoon
smoked paprika 1/2 a teaspoon crushed red chili flakes fourth teaspoon black
pepper 1/4 a teaspoon cayenne I also don’t know if I told you I added 2 cups
of chicken broth to this and now I’m adding a bay leaf and just poking it in
there before putting the lid on and sealing it I only cooked this on the
soup function for 15 minutes and here it is all plated up and done this was super
super delicious anything that’s even remotely similar to a bog or a gumbo has
got my name all over it and it’s always a favorite of mine so there you go guys I
hope you enjoyed these easy keto instant pot recipes for your dinner edition
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