Where to Stay: Indulge in a Luxury Stay in Napa Valley

Meadowood is essentially a place where
you know Bill Harlan wanted to create a common ground for vintners to come
together. He has truly done that. I’m headed to Meadowood.That is up
Valley. It’s almost to Calistoga. So the northern side of St. Helena and we’re
going to spend the night. So do a bit of the Day Spa, get a massage and then
do a tasting and a pairing and we’ll be meeting with the Sommelier as well as the
manager of Meadowood. That’s where you book your Meadowood trip when you’re ready to
go okay Wine Paths Travel you can follow them on
[email protected] as well. Okay so you mentioned that there are 17 different types of
properties here the rooms. Exactly! So on the estate we do have 98 rooms
throughout the 250 acres.Within those 98 rooms we do have 17 room categories. My
goodness. It sounds like a lot but they are so different and not only their
location but their offerings so the one common theme between them all would be
the California king bed and a fireplace. So whether that’s wood-burning or gas
depending on your preference. The rest of it depends on again location but
if you want an extra bedroom we can have a single studio or we can go up to a
four-bedroom lodge. So there’s whatever our guests or members are looking for we
will have it for them. So where is this beautiful spot? We are standing on one of
the croquet lawns. We have four of them on property. Right next to us is the
croquet lodge. This is one of the existing buildings from its original
state from the 60s which is a Country Club . We have four
championship croquet lawns available for our guests and members to enjoy. It is so
unique to have these croquet lawns because
to only play the only hotel in Northern California that offers this. So we do
have a Croquet Pro on staff available to teach and have a wonderful time. He is
name is Mike McDonald his father taught here before him. He’s extremely
enthusiastic a wonderful personality but it is not the backyard croquet that
you’re probably thinking of. So instead of long grass you’re hitting it around
having a good time. You still have a good time but you are in regulation croquet
white’s flat-soled shoes and of course you cannot play without a glass of wine in your hand.Are we playing with white or red wine? That’s a great question up
to you. Your wearing whitw so I would suggest a white or Rosé but of course that’s definitely up to you.
Okay let’s talk for a minute about the restaurants here because you guys
are known for some pretty exquisite food. Yes so we have two restaurants on
property. We have The Grill which manages our in-room dining The Grill itself and
then our pool service as well and then we have our three Michelin dining
experience the restaurant at Meadowood which is of course incredible. You can do
a fireside snack service. So ab out just a small taste a small glimpse into
what you’d experience at an actual dinner itself. All the way ranging up to The
Chef’s Counter which is an absolutely amazing experience of dining in the
kitchen itself surrounded by the chefs. And you said there’s beautiful really
upbeat fun music. The experience is second to none because when you’re in the
dining room you feel as if you were immersed in a different world but then
you go into the kitchen and it is this fun lively experience of really just
watching these chefs do what they do best in their environment
and they have to get into that mindset and in order to do so yes sometimes
music is playing in the background and you just get to enjoy this this feeling with them.
it’s It’s magical. Front row seat. It’s front row seats. Exactly. Yes you get to see hoe meticulous everything is done in there.
It’s truly truly fascinating. Monica! Yes. My goodness but you have certainly, Cheers!,
filled our glass up with goodness absolutely Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs .
Okay and what is your role at Meadowood? my role is Estate Sommelier. Okay so I do
the wine list for all the outlets on property okay
and do the pool the spa in- room/dining and then The Grill. I also host hotel
guests to private educations or take them on tours in the valley. Sometimes I work
with large banquet groups, work with Danielle on these cooking classes the
Plate & Pair experiences. Is that everything? That’s a lot. Yeah it’s a lot. Okay so we
did a beautiful taste. What are you tasting? The wine or the flavors? Okay
let’s start with the wine. The Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs 2016, the 2015, 2015 It’s quite delicious. Grapes
coming from but it’s labeled north coast but they’ll get
grapes from Carneros, Marin, Anderson Valley, Sonoma, Napa so. No wonder such
beautiful expression they’re taking the freshest of everywhere. Exactly what I thought
okay. So we’re making our spaetzel with some with a bunch of herbs in it
and at the end we’ll saute that with some wild mushrooms. Fantastic! We also have we’re
doing a pan-roasted chicken breast. Okay With a quick little jus reduced sauce. Okay.
And then our salad, persimmon it’s a little gem lettuce with persimmon and
avocado some pistachios. Fantastic. Everything nice and emulsified dressing
that coats everything. You have this gorgeous spa that I keep hearing about
yeah and we’re just about ready to head there. I’m so excited for you to
experience the spa. It is so unique, you can’t find this experience anywhere else. It is
an all-suite concept. So our Spa Director Michael Conti came into this. We
actually built a spa around his concept okay so instead of going into a common
place where you store things and be called into a treatment room instead you
do all that in your own space. So you go you have your own space to store your
things. You have your own private steam area, you then have your treatment space
and also a consultation space. Okay. Which after your steam and your treatment you
then have time to yourself to unwind so if you did want that common area that we
do have is that the garden lounges. Yes other than that that place is yours -to
really just truly contemplate take it in and relax oh I’m I can’t wait for you to
experience it. So it sounds like the ultimate indulgence. It is. With privacy! Fantastic. And in one sentence or a
couple of sentences what do you think shines about Meadowood or what is it
best known for? That is a great question! It’s difficult to summarize it into one
sentence but I Meadowood is just such a special place and if you’re a lover of
wine cuisine and hospitality this is the place for you. We we have so much to
offer. Every time you here you have a new
experience and not only is the service phenomenal and the facility’ s lovely but the feeling you got here the family the home, it is unmatched by anywhere else

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